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Little Farmer Joe ISBN: 9780753403600
Birmingham, Christian and Whybrow, Ian
Published by Kingfisher
On a visit to his aunt and uncle's farm, Joe meets farm animals for the first time. Owl noises in the night are scary, the dog looks very big, as do the cows and horses, and geese chase him. He claims not to be scared, and he does his best to be brave, but he isn't happy. Then in the night, Uncle Will calls him into the barn to help with a ewe who is delivering a lamb. The ewe is distressed, and Joe, in holding on to her and helping calm her fears, loses his own. This is an outstanding picture book. Joe's body language and facial expressions are beautifully drawn, and the contrast in colour of the soft-focus chalk-like illustrations emphasise the change from fearful child to sunny, happy, full of life little boy.
Age: 3+