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What If...? ISBN: 9780857531131
Browne, Anthony
Published by Doubleday Children's Books, 2013
Joe is invited to Tom's birthday party, but he really doesn't want to go. What if he doesn't know someone there? What if there are lots of people? What if he doesn't like the food or there are scary games? Mum is very reassuring about his worries and fears, and as they walk along the street looking for Tom's house (they don't know the number) they stop at each house to ask themselves if this looks like the right one. It never is, and what Joe sees in the windows is very different from what his mother sees. In Joe's imagination, there are horrible things going on in each house, but still mum plows on to the very end of the street where they do indeed find a very friendly and welcoming Tom, who greets Joe at the door. Then it is time for mum to worry. What if Joe really is unhappy at the party? There is no need to fear, though. The last page shows a very happy Joe, who's had a 'great time'. The darkness in the street outside reflects Joe's fears, and the seriously silly and rather grim goings-on inside Joe's imagination are a reflection of what fear and worry can do to us when we let them get a hold on our minds. Browne's wonderfully creative and fanciful illustrations splendidly accompany his unusual text.
Age: 4+