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Worries ISBN: 9781445163956
Christelis, Paul and Jeria, Ximena
Published by Franklin Watts, 2018
A lovely picture/information book that explains the normality of being worried (everyone is from time to time), that it can make us feel unwell, and that it can have the odd positive aspect as well as negative ones. ‘What if’ questions can trigger worry, but worries are only thoughts: ‘You can’t hold a thought in your hand, or see the shape of a thought.’ They aren’t real, even though our bodies can ‘believe’ that they are and make us ill. There are breathing suggestions and ideas about noticing things around you or listening to sounds; writing worries down and posting them in a box can help us see that worries can disappear. Talking to someone close is often the best answer, even if it is only the family pet! Imagination takes a great part in our worries, and we can learn we are stronger and braver than we realise. The simple pictures are beautifully done and full of emotional detail that adds a great deal to the whole. One of the Reading Well choices in their list of children’s books.
Age: 4+