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The Scariest Thing of All ISBN: 9780747599692
Gliori, Debi
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2011
Pip is the smallest rabbit in a very large family of rabbits. He has a long list of all the things he is afraid of - 'all the usual things, some unusual ones, and some that were just plain weird'. He even makes up things to be scared of. One evening, just before supper, he falls asleep, and on waking, he hears a terrifying noise: Raar, raaar, rarrrr, etc. He's so scared he runs away into the woods until he's a long way from home. It's dusk, and there are all sorts of horrid noises to be afraid of, but it is Pip's tummy that is making the rarrr noise, and suddenly, when he realises this, he knows he is the 'scariest thing of all'. Home he goes, saying 'I'm not scared of anything!' in spite of seeing on the way all his made-up creatures who have frightened him before. The pictures are wonderful, full of rabbits doing interesting things, weird and wonderful beasties, lots of integrated text and luminous colour.
Age: 3+