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William Worrydactyl (Dinosaurs Have Feelings, Too) ISBN: 9780750271158
Gordon, Mike and Moses, Brian
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
William worries about lots of things. He doesn't want to fly out of the window of the tall tower where he lives, even though his parents do it all the time. He doesn't like the lift in the house either - he might get his wings caught when the door closes. Perhaps the day won't return after the night, and maybe his friends can jump higher than he can. He worries about dino-school and the fact that he might never learn to fly, and his mum worries about his worries: 'Your worries are like wriggly worms slithering around in your head.' But she has a suggestion. Perhaps William could write down all his worries, both big and little, on slips of paper, and each evening before bedtime, they will discuss one of them. When they do this, the big worries become less, and the little ones disappear altogether, and soon William is brave enough to take a solo flight out of the window, just like his parents do. The pictures accompanying the story are deliciously fun and original, and children will love them. Full of humour as well as pathos, there is lots of detail to enjoy. A dinosaur who worries is a treat in itself and removes from the child some of the responsibility of his or her own concerns. Good stuff!
Age: 4+