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Stretch Your Confidence : Discover what you can do! ISBN: 9781911509967
Barker, Vicky, Costa, Natalie and Cox, Beth
Published by b small publishing limited, 2019
This short, interactive book will help kids who lack self-confidence try ways of bolstering their courage, and because it has lots of things to write, draw, and craft, it will need to be bought rather than borrowed from a library. First we explore ourselves, particularly our strengths; then there is the problem of feeling like we don't fit in with our friends and learning that each of us is unique. Everyone has times when we have arguments or 'wobbles' with our friends, and these can be a plus if we handle them carefully. Finding courage and being brave can be important too, and we need, also, to be aware of our body language when with others. Imagination can be useful, and so can distracting ourselves when nervous. Mistakes should be looked upon as powerful 'learning pods' to keep us trying our best, and changes such as moving house or a new school can, while scary, be a positive strength. Problems arise in all our lives, and sometimes it is helpful to think through 'stepping stones' on how to approach these with the confidence we need. Lots of things to think through and helpful hints about developing positivity will help those, who feel unable to face difficulties, find a way. Cartoon characters, little aphorisms from famous people, and humour add to the whole. Nicely straightforward.
Age: 8+