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Anita and the Dragons ISBN: 9781911373636
Carmona, Hannah and Cunha, Anna
Published by Lantana Publishing, 2021
In her mind, Anita is a 'princessa', while in reality she lives in the Dominican Republic with her parents and two brothers in a very ordinary house. But her family go along with her imaginings, one of which is that there are dragons in the sky - 'large winged beasts' - who are to carry her away, far away from her home. Because she is a princessa, she is determined not to be afraid of the dragons, but on arrival at the airport, she is suddenly terribly fearful: 'I won't let this horrible beast take me away from everything I love! What if I hate it? What if I'm lonely? What if I get scared? What if I'm sad?' Looking at her parents and brothers, she realises that she isn't the only one who will miss her island home. In her mind, she sends a message to her island, promising to come back to its '...spicy, hot heat-and sandy, snug hugs.' This is a beautiful, lyrical picture book that movingly captures the feelings of those who must leave a beloved place to have new adventures. The sombre, chalk-style pictures and the wonderfully evocative setting within a village with its own customs are very beautiful and will help other children to understand the feelings of those who must make a heart-rending move.
Age: 5+