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Georgie and the dragon ISBN: 9780747577188
Paine, Colin and Rose, Marion
Published by Bloomsbury, 2006
In this humourous take on the St George and the dragon legend, a baby dragon falls from the sky at young Georgie's feet. He feels obligated to take the little dragon home, even though 'home' is Far Purple Mountain and the baby's mum is a 'huge fire-breathing dragon'. Galahad, the baby dragon, is fearful of various obstacles along the way, and Georgie uses psychology, along with a 'magic sword flower', to help Galahad get through the difficulties. But these are nothing to Georgie's fear of meeting mummy dragon! Of course, when he finally does so, she turns out to be an earth-mother sort who is delighted to see him and gives him 'tea and toast (only a little burnt)' and flies him back to his village. Georgie is a hero and we learn that things that seem scary often aren't at all when we face up to them. Super cartoon-style illustrations.
Age: 3+