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But What If? A Book About Feeling Worried (Our Emotions & Behaviour) ISBN: 9781445138930
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria
Published by Franklin Watts Ltd, 2015
In this mixed race family, Daisy's parents are very excited about moving house, but Daisy is worried, What if she doesn't like the new house? What if the new school and her new teacher aren't nearly as nice as the old ones? Won't she miss her friends and have trouble making new ones? And most of all, what if her cat, Tigger, doesn't like the move and runs away? It's all very worrying, and it is only when Grandpa comes to look after her one evening that Daisy 'spills the beans' and admits to all of her concerns. Grandpa is very reassuring and tells her that he had worries when he was young too, and that it is silly to worry about things that might never happen. There might be a few difficulties in the beginning, but there will always be her parents to help her out. And he says that Tigger loves Daisy far too much to ever run away. Daisy falls asleep reassured and happy. The illustrations in simple, bright colours are expressive and full of Daisy's sad thoughts, while Tigger and a rather nice blue toy rabbit provide comfort for her. There is a storyboard picture at the end of the book, a story about Harry who is worried about going to a birthday party. Without words, it shows what Harry is feeling and provides a starting point for good discussion. Two pages of notes on sharing explain how to use the book with children. Large print, simple sentences, and the bright pictures make this a good choice for children learning to read.
Age: 5+