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Facing Mighty Fears About Trying New Things ISBN: 9781787759503
Huebner, Dawn PhD and Stevens, Liza
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2022
One of a series of books for children with fears and anxiety, this one is about the problem of trying out new things never tried before, whether it is eating a new food, having a sleepover with a friend, or any of the many other things that can come along to concern us. In approachable and fun black and white illustrations and text that is clear and child-friendly, we learn that everyone has fears like this from time to time, but the point is that if they become excessive, we must learn ways to stop these intrusive thoughts. We must realise that most of these thoughts are 'brain magnifiers', ie, they aren't true, but are things our mind has made up because we are worried. So the first thing to do is to ask three questions. The first is 'Do I feel nervous because this is dangerous, or because it is new?' The second suggestion is to 'Focus on the Facts' - 'Worries are not facts. They are scary what-if thoughts your brain thinks up.' The third thing is 'to practice being brave' - in small and then large ways - and here follows a long list of possible suggestions to begin the process of braving-up, eminently do-able activities that any child might consider as possibilities. The challenge is to do one new thing each day until we are ready to move on to larger challenges. The advice is all very practical, and there is humour in the illustrations as well as the text. Very good advice to parents and carers is included at the back of the book, and there are other books for adults and children suggested, as well as web-based sites and organisations that might help. This is a well-researched, book on a not uncommon problem that children can face and will be welcomed by many. Available from Amazon, from Hive, from book shops, and from the publisher:
Age: 6+