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Susie and the Wise Hedgehog go to court ISBN: 9781854180506
Bray, Madge
Published by Hawksmere, 1989
This is a thorough explanation in story form of what happens when a child is expected to be a witness in court. We are never told what or who Susie is witnessing about, but Wise Hedgehog and his wise box show her pictures of the court and all the people in it. He also explains about telling the truth. The story is wordy - necessarily so - but the explanations are clear and the illustrations helpful. There is a picture of Wise Hedgehog at the end of the book for the child to cut out and keep for reassurance while being a witness. In these days of video links, the story will not be as useful as it was in the past; but it is the only one of its kind I have come across and is worth knowing about.
Age: 7+