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Making Memories : practice mindfulness, learn to journal and scrapbook, find calm every day. ISBN: 9780241465691
English, Tracy and Tangerine, Amy
Published by Dorling Kindersley, 2022
This beautifully produced hardback book will give hours of pleasure to kids with stress and anxiety issues. The focus is on Mindfulness and good memories and the many different ways of achieving these, including learning how to make a journal or a scrapbook, using origami, or 'body scanning' (relaxing each part of the body completely), yoga, making 'mandalas' or a 'vision board', tidying your room, finding a secret place where one feels safe, using nature and the out of doors, and understanding your own emotions - amongst others. The ideas are easy to use and only basic craft materials will be needed. It might be best to choose the suggestions carefully in the beginning and to concentrate on those for awhile before adding others. A small elephant on each page gives hints as to how one progresses and provides reassurance that all will be well, and there are short bits of information on most pages as to the history and/or background of how these crafts came to be. Lots of colour adds to the interest. A truly beautiful production.
Age: 8+