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Chuck and Danielle ISBN: 9780385407526
Dickinson, Peter and Lawrie, Robin
Published by Doubleday, 1996

Chuck the whippet (or wimpet as he is sometimes known) is frightened of absolutely everything. Beloved by Danielle, who understands him, he still cannot believe that everyone and everything is not out to get him. Danielle and her single parent mum live in a flat in a large town, and there is something of a mystery about her dad who only comes into the story at the very end. However, it is Chuck's fears and Danielle's attempts to give him self- confidence that make up the bulk of the story. Wonderful and often funny prose and expressive line drawings add up to six light-hearted stories. A fearful child can laugh with you at Chuck's escapades and, one hopes, work through his or her own fears.
Age: 6+