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Giddy Goat ISBN: 9781843622833
Chapman, Lynne and Rix, Jamie
Published by Orchard, 2003
Giddy, a mountain goat, is afraid of heights - a big problem for a goat whose family has 'hooves that cling to cliffs like sticky socks'. No one understands when Giddy announces he wants to live in the valley with the 'muttons', so one night he runs away to join the sheep. The 'woolly wimps' are not overjoyed to see him until he finds 'the fearless goat inside himself' and rescues a lamb lost on the mountain. His determination wins through, and he and the lamb become fast friends, each in turn learning from the other. The use of language is superb, and the glowing, chalky illustrations, fully integrated with the text, are both charming and funny. A super book.
Age: 2+