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The Unworry Book ISBN: 9781474950770
James, Alice and Moncrieff, Stephen
Published by Usborne, 2018
This book claims to be for age 9 to adult, and I can see why this is so. Kids worry a lot these days, but, very obviously, so do teenagers and grown-ups, and many of the suggestions in this book will apply to all. First we need to find out why the book can help: by helping you figure out the problem, by giving you a place to worry, and by distracting you. In each section there are many, many suggestions, some having to do with craft, mindfulness, breathing exercises, doing things, keeping a diary, making stories, joining dots, empathy, etc. In the usual Usborne format, there are lots and lots of pictures scattered throughout and a little black and white creature follows us too. He is very encouraging and lovable. One is encouraged to draw and write in the book, so this must be owned by the person using it not a library book then! It could do great things for the obsessively worried child (or older) and it will be possible to pick and choose the exercises you feel like undertaking. Lots of information about what worrying is and how it affects us is included. A sturdy hardback that will take any amount of carrying around, the book will last for the long time it must do if one decides to use all the suggestions!
Age: 9+