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'Griff' and Dalton, AnnieLilac Peabody and Sam Sparks7+
Adams, Anna and Vlitos, JosianeDon't Worry, Murray! : a child's guide to help overcome worries5+
Adamson, Jean and GarethTopsy and Tim start school4+
Ahlberg, Allen and Ahlberg, JanetStarting school4+
Alemagna, BeatriceNever, Not Ever!5+
Allwright, Deborah and Edwards, Pamela DuncanDinosaur Starts School4+
Anholt, Catherine and LaurenceBilly and the big new school4+
Archer, Rebecca and Bradley, SusannahRosie goes to school3+
Ayliffe, Alex and Mitchell, RitaThe gotcha smile4+
Barber, NicolaFirst Day at School (Big Day)4+
Barkow, Henriette and Lamont, PriscillaTom and Sofia start school4+
Barnes, Derrick and Brantley-Newton, VenessaKing of the Classroom4+
Barton, Jill and Hest, AmyOff to school, Baby Duck!3+
Bingham, Jane and Turner, HelenScared ( Everybody Feels series)4+
Blake, Jo and Lobel, GillAll my friends6+
Broadley, Sue and Robinson, CatherineLeaving Mrs Ellis6+
Brooks, Felicity, Jones, Stephanie and Widdowson, KayStarting School Sticker Book: Over 100 stickers (Usborne Sticker Books)3+
Brown, MarcArthur's teacher trouble6+
Brown, PeterMy Teacher is a Monster! (No, I am Not)6+
Bruna, DickMiffy at school4+
Burt, EricaAt school5+
Butterfield, Moira and Sterling, HollyEverybody Feels... Scared4+
Cartwright, Stephen and Civardi, AnneGoing to school4+
Chamberlain, Margaret and Grindley, SallyA big kiss for Alice4+
Child, LaurenI am too absolutely small for school4+
Child, Lauren and Joy, MargaretAddy the baddy6+
Clark, Emma ChichesterCome to School Too, Blue Kangaroo! (Blue Kangeroo)3+
Clive and Dorman, HelenHannah goes to school4+
Colgan, Jenny and Docherty, ThomasThe New Friend: Book 3 (Polly and the Puffin)4+
Coplans, Peta and Simon, FrancescaSpider school4+
Corry, LydiaMooncat and Me5+
Crawford-White, Helen and Shevah, EmmaDream on, Amber10+
Cumming, HannahThe Cloud5+
Davey, Sharon, Finch, Michelle and Finch, PhoenixPhoenix Goes to School : a story to support transgender and gender variant children6+
Dyer, Olive, Evans, Fran and Scurlock, ValNia's first day4+
Egneus, Daniel and Meddour, WendyThe Friendship Bench5+
Elliott, RebeccaMy Stinky New School4+
Fairclough, Chris and Hunter, RebeccaMy first day at school4+
Fairclough, Chris and Powell, JillianMy New School4
Fisher, Fox and Savage, SarahAre You a Boy or Are You a Girl?4+
Fitzpatrick, Marie-LouiseSilly School4+
Forward, Toby and Thompson, CarolThe first day of school4+
Gamble, Kim and Wild, MargaretFirst day4+
Gavalda, Anna (Trans. Rosner35 kilos of hope10+
Gorbachev, ValeriChicken Chickens go to school4+
Gordon, Mike and Green, JenWhere's my peg? my first day at school4+
Graham, Brooke and Tatlow-Lord, RobinGo Away, Worry Monster!4+
Green, JuliaOver the edge9+
Grindley, Sally and Thompson, CarolI don't want to!3+
Guillain, CharlotteMy First Day at a New School4+
Harker, Lesley and Thomas, PatDo I Have to Go to School?: A First Look at Starting School4+
Hart, Caryl and Lord, LeonieThe Wolf who wouldn't go to school (Whiffy Wilson)3+
Hawkins, Elizabeth and Venus, PamelaMum's Late2+
Heap, Sue and Pielichaty, HelenSimone's diary10+
Hellard, Sue and McAllister, AngelaA pocketful of kisses4+
Hodgkinson, JoA Big Day for Migs!4+
Horse, HarryLittle Rabbit goes to school3+
Howe, CathElla on the Outside10+
Hudson, EllaHudson Hates School6+
Hughes, Laura and Roc, MargaretJellybean Goes to School4+
Hughes, MonicaMy first day at school4+
Hughes, ShirleyBobbo Goes To School3+
Hughes, ShirleyLucy and Tom go to school3+
Jenner, Caryn and Robins, ArthurStarting School4+
Keller, HollyThe new boy5+
King, Cara and Kwok, AshlingThe Battle : Starting school can be scary sometimes!4+
Layton, NealSteve's Sunday blues5+
Lewis, JanSchool (First Time series)3+
Mafaridik, Nasaya and Mian, ZanibPlanet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet8+
Middleton, CharlotteEnrico starts school4+
Monnier, Miriam and Ruhmann, KarlWho will go to school today?4+
O'Neill, Christopher and Stones, RosemaryRosie's first day at school4+
Ormerod, JanWhen an elephant comes to school3+
Priestley, ChrisBilly Wizard7+
Reeve, Rosie and Symes, Ruth LouiseMondays at monster school4+
Reynolds, Adrian and Whybrow, IanHarry and the dinosaurs go to school4+
Robbins, Beth and Stuart, JonTom's first day at school4+
Rosoff, Meg and Shephard, DavidMcTavish on the Move8+
Ross, Tony and Willis, JeanneI hate school8+
Ross, Tony and ZoeNicky4+
Scotton, RobSplat the Cat4+
Selway, MartinaI hate Roland Roberts5+
Sperring, Mark and Twins, The PopeWanda's first day5+
Vulliamy, ClaraStarting School (Lucky Wish Mouse)3+
Vulliamy, ClaraThe Bear with Sticky Paws Goes to School4+
Willems, MoThe Pigeon HAS to Go to School!4+