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Wanda's first day ISBN: 9781904442523
Sperring, Mark and Twins, The Pope
Published by The Chicken House, 2004
When Wanda Witch flies off to her first day at school on her broomstick, she is a bit nervous. And when she gets there, she feels there just might be something wrong: all the other pupils are fairies! In spite of their differences, everyone gets along happily though her fairy classmates and teacher have to get used to some very 'witchy' behaviour. At the end of the day, Wanda confesses to her lovely teacher, Miss Dewdrop, that she thinks she may be in the wrong school. Hasn't she been happy, asks Miss Dewdrop? Oh yes. Well, then, she's in the right place. This story is for the child who not only is facing a first day at school, but who also feels different for some reason. Little girls will particularly love the sparkly cover and pastel pictures. Huge fun.
Age: 5+