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King of the Classroom ISBN: 9781912650378
Barnes, Derrick and Brantley-Newton, Venessa
Published by Scallywag Press, 2020
This black family have prepared their little boy for school in a big way. He is to be ‘King of the Classroom’, and this means he will be happy, he will go to school in a big, yellow bus, he will smile broadly at his schoolmates and they at him, the teacher will explain about rules, and he will ask a little girl by herself if she wants to play with him. At lunch, he will share an ‘extra chocolate pudding’ with a friend who hasn’t brought a dessert; then there is a ‘royal rest’ and lots of music and dancing. At the end of a happy day, he knows there will be another one tomorrow – ‘another day as the charming, the wonderful, and the kind…King of the Classroom’. In other words, he is to be himself, on his best behaviour as his parents know he can be, and enjoy each minute of this new experience. Lovely story with engaging, lively pictures of a classroom full of a happy mixture of children making new friends. Joyful!
Age: 4+