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My First Day at a New School ISBN: 9781406223309
Guillain, Charlotte
Published by Raintree, 2012
Simple text and bright photos make for a good explanation of what it is like to start a new school. This can be because it is the first school experience or because someone has moved house or gone from an infant school to a middle school. Topics covered are: How do I get to school; What happens when I get there; What do I need to know (ie. where the toilets are, etc.); Is it okay to feel nervous; What happens during the day; What happens when school finishes. There are a few 'Tips' as to now to get on well and a very short picture glossary. There is also an index and a list of a few other books on the subject, as well as one website. A good, simple introduction, which could be useful for slightly older children who have some reading problems.
Age: 4+