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Simone's diary ISBN: 9780192752888
Heap, Sue and Pielichaty, Helen
Published by O.U.P., 2003
Jaunty and bright, Simone is mostly pleased about going into year 7 at Bartock Comprehensive, but she does have worries: getting lost in a big school, losing her bus pass, being bullied, getting detentions, losing old friends, and having an asthma attack. These things all come out in a questionnaire and diary she fills out for an MA student, Ben, who is doing work on pupils' transition from primary to secondary school. The format is brilliant! It not only allows us to see Simone's adjustment, but also allows us at the end to see Ben's survey results - that 98% of pupils adjust quickly and easily - reassuring to children facing the change. There are lots of graphics and examples of time tables, school reports, pages from planners and all the nitty-gritty of secondary school life, and there is lots also about friendships and families and how they change. This is a light but realistic read, and Simone is an appealing 11 year old who faces her problems with panache.
Age: 10+