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Over the edge ISBN: 9780582796416
Green, Julia
Published by Longman (Streetwise series), 2004
One of the books in the Independent Plus stage of the Streetwise series, this 96 page story is easily read but very well written and full of true-to-life emotion. Barney and his family have just moved to a new housing estate, which means Barney must start at the comprehensive on his own, away from his old chums. He knows no one, and his loneliness and the attention of a bully on the school bus make life a misery. His form tutor is kind, but one of the other teachers adds to Barney's problems. Barney is sensitive and something of a dreamer, which gets him into all sorts of difficulties. But when he rescues a younger boy from the local river with the help of Carly, another outsider, he begins to feel better about himself. When the school holds an arts week and Barney learns to enjoy a feeling for words and the rhythm they share in common with his love of running, he writes some very moving poetry. This book will appeal to boys who find themselves 'on the edge' and worried they may go 'over'.
Age: 9+