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I am too absolutely small for school ISBN: 9781846168857
Child, Lauren
Published by Orchard, 2003
Another wonderfully funny story about Lola and her older brother Charlie. Lola is determined that she is too young for school, but Charlie convinces her she has to learn her numbers so she can count out treats for 'eleven eager elephants', and how is she going to write to Father Christmas if she doesn't learn her letters. She still doesn't want to go and tries all sorts of ploys, but Charlie has the final answer when he says that Lola's invisible friend, Soren Lorensen, will have to go, and if Lola doesn't, who will take care of him? Of course, Lola does go and finds a new friend. Being Lola, she claims: 'It was Soren Lorensen who was nervous, not me. I was fine.' The inventive pictures, sinuously entwined with text, are super.
Age: 4+