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Jellybean Goes to School ISBN: 9781848530751
Hughes, Laura and Roc, Margaret
Published by Tamarind Books, 2013
Jellybean, a little Asian girl, is very excited about going to school. She wants to read and write and find out lots of interesting things, but she also wants to make friends. She is so excited on the first day that she can't eat breakfast, but when she and mum arrive at school, she is suddenly afraid. The school is big, and the playground is noisy. Perhaps she should go home. Mum is reassuring, and when they meet the teacher, and Jellybean is introduced to new friend, Alex, things begin to look up. She and Alex admit to each other that they are missing their parents, but they slowly begin to enjoy their day, As the children are introduced to the various places in the classroom - the music area, the class garden, the reading corner, and the science and maths area - Jellybeans fertile imagination takes over, and she see exciting possibilities in her mind's eye. She and Alex have such a wonderful day that she really doesn't want to leave at the end, and tomorrow will be even better. The pictures are full of detail and colour, and this will be an excellent introduction to all the excitement of school.
Age: 4+