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The Wolf who wouldn't go to school (Whiffy Wilson) ISBN: 9781408325865
Hart, Caryl and Lord, Leonie
Published by Orchard Books, 2015
Whiffy Wilson is a school deny-er! 'There was a wolf called Wilson who couldn't count to ten. He wouldn't learn to write his name. He never used a pen.' His father says he must go to school, but he says it's boring, and he wants to stay at home and watch TV. His friend Lucy next door loves school, and it is she who shoves him out the door and makes him go. She says there is nothing to be frightened of, but he insists he isn't scared - 'wolves are brave and strong' - but he admits he wouldn't want the teacher to get cross with him if he made a mistake. Lucy shows him around the school and gets him started with all the various activities, and when he makes a goal at break time, everyone cheers. Soon he is well into things and enjoying himself so much that he decides school is 'perfect' and that he had been afraid no one would like him. He wants to come every day - including the next day which just happens to be Saturday! Patient Lucy explains that this is a day to rest and play, whereupon Wilson in a complete turnaround announces that home is boring. Nevertheless, he and Lucy play happily together and Wilson denies no more. This is huge fun, poetry and picture blending together in a funny but also subtle story about a little wolf who can't admit that school is a frightening new adventure that he doesn't want to have.
Age: 3+