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Starting School (Lucky Wish Mouse) ISBN: 9781408314692
Vulliamy, Clara
Published by Orchard, 2012
This is one of a series of books about a little fairy called Lucky Wish Mouse and her ten 'tinies' - very small mice. Today they 'brush their teeth and whiskers extra nicely' because it is the first day of school and they are excited. At least, eight of them are excited, but where are the twins? Lucky Wish Mouse finds them hiding under a newspaper, and they admit they are worried: they will get lost; they won't know where the toilet is, will she find them when it's time to go home? Lucky is very reassuring and they go with their many siblings, flying to school in a balloon. (This isn't as odd as it sounds as the family lives in a teapot!) All the tinies, including the twins, have a lovely day and after school are busily planning tomorrow's adventures. The pictures are exceptional in this charming picture book. Whimsical and engaging, they give us lots of detail in the tinies chaotic activities at home and school. Quite special!
Age: 3+