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Phoenix Goes to School : a story to support transgender and gender variant children ISBN: 9781785928215
Davey, Sharon, Finch, Michelle and Finch, Phoenix
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2018
At the beginning of this picture book, Phoenix tells us about herself, her love of playing when she wakes early, her enjoyment of all kinds of flowers, and the 'swish and swiggle' of her dress when she walks. She also explains that when she was born her parents believed her to be a boy, but she knows, 'I am really a girl.' Her parents know this too, and support her completely, but on her first day at school, she is worried that she might be bullied, or that no one will play with her or be her friend. Mum is loving and gentle, and tells her that she must be herself: 'Remember the pretty flowers in the field that are all different and beautiful in their own way.' While she is still worried, she soon finds that everyone accepts her as she is, and when a boy asks her whether she's a boy or a girl, she responds matter-of-factly that she's a girl, but that it was okay for him to ask. At the end, she 'feels like herself' and has had a super day. There is a lovely picture of the 'real' Phoenix too, and another of her with her Mum, very appropriate as they wrote the book together. The pictures are moving and expressive, and fit the text beautifully. There is information for parents dealing with gender-expressive children, and a number of questions for discussion. One hopes that all children who know themselves to be transgender will have such accepting families and friends. Available from Amazon, from good book shops, and from the publisher:
Age: 6+