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Lilac Peabody and Sam Sparks ISBN: 9780007137718
'Griff' and Dalton, Annie
Published by HarperCollins, 2004
One of a series of short novels for young readers about the little do-gooding alien, Lilac Peabody. She is green, has wings and fizzes in her own golden light, and she helps children in trouble. Sam's single mum is constantly changing jobs, which means a move each time and a new school. Sam hates it. He can't make friends, and he desperately wants to stay put. Lilac Peaabody helps him see how he can help himself, and in befriending a little girl who is bullied at his new school, he is given the most fantastic birthday party ever. Lilac Peabody doesn't provide magic herself; she is the catalyst with a positive outlook who helps kids see their own strengths and weaknesses. The black and white angular illustrations on almost every page are sometimes integrated into the text, making for real interest for newly confident readers.
Age: 7+