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Hannah goes to school ISBN: 9781903275061
Clive and Dorman, Helen
Published by CP Publishing, 2000
Hannah is in the reception class at her school, and we meet her, her classmates, and all the staff by name. This approach gives an immediacy to the book it would not otherwise have. The day is taken step by detailed step, from Miss Holt taking the register, to Assembly with Mr Brooker, on to reading and numbers, craft work, etc, lunch and playground activity, and then storytime, group work and PE. This all is pictured in such detail that we also see, realistically, some of the problems that arise - a child not wanting to share her space, another feeling a bit left out, two who have forgotten their PE kit (and one who doesn't want to do PE) and two children who find it difficult to sit still. It is a busy day, happy for the most part, and very real. A page of notes for parents about some of the problems that can arise when a child starts school is detailed and thorough. These excellent books about Hannah in various first time situations are available online at
Age: 4+