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35 kilos of hope ISBN: 9781844286522
Gavalda, Anna (Trans. Rosner
Published by Walker, 2003
Gregory has hated school ever since he was 4. Not only does he hate everything about it, but he also feels sick every morning when he has to go. At 13, he has been held back twice and even expelled, and no school will take him except the very worst one in the area. He has learned to clown in PE and make the other kids laugh, but that's about all he's learned. Once he was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but he knows his problem is that school just doesn't interest him. He is brilliant with his hands, though, and he and his engineer grandfather share a love of making things. Gregory's problems are helped in sometimes surprising ways, but there is every hope of his abilities being recognised. Written by a French teacher who saw talents in even her worst pupils, this will be a revelation to boys with huge school problems - and it's short, easily read, with largish print.
Age: 10+