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Addy the baddy ISBN: 9780140362602
Child, Lauren and Joy, Margaret
Published by Puffin, 1995
Addy is starting at a new school, and she is not pleased. Her mum takes her, and they meet the headmistress, who seems nice. The children in the playground look interesting, but still Addy scowls, 'Silly children, silly playground, silly school'. Her teacher sits her next to Kath, and they exchange boasts, but, deep inside, Addy is afraid she won't be able to do the sums. She decides the only way out is to become 'Addy the baddy' so the school will throw her out. So, she puts paper in the plughole of the wash-basin and turns the taps on, and she breaks the crayons and mixes up all the paint colours. The only thing is, no one seems to notice or care, and Addy is having so much fun herself that she forgets to be bad. By the end of the day she is one of the gang. Large print; black and white illustrations.
Age: 6+