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Rosie's first day at school ISBN: 9781899248148 (hdbk)
O'Neill, Christopher and Stones, Rosemary
Published by: 
  • Happy Cat (Talking It Through series), 2000 (ISBN: 9781899248193 (ppbk))
  • (ISBN: 9781899248148 (hdbk))
Rosie feels a bit shy when she goes into big school for the first time, waving good-bye to mum, baby Thomas and Gemma the dog. Thereafter, we see a parallel day, with Rosie's activities set side by side with mum's and the family's. It can be the case that a homesick child will wonder what mum is doing during school hours, and this story will be reassuring that life at home is going on much as normal. Rosie enjoys her day, but is glad when going home time comes and she is off home to a special tea. Warm, reassuring illustrations and lots of multi-ethnic children in the school.
Age: 4+