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A pocketful of kisses ISBN: 078074573043
Hellard, Sue and McAllister, Angela
Published by Bloomsbury, 2006
Digby mole has quite a nice first day at school, but when the second morning comes around he says, 'I went there yesterday...I want to stay here with you.' Mum insists and off they go, but Digby is worried that he has forgotten all the things he learned the day before. Mum comes up with a helpful solution - a dozen kisses she puts carefully into his pocket. The kisses come out one by one during the day when Digby is feeling shy and alone, but when a hole develops in the pocket, he is bereft of his support. The answer lies in his helping Otterly, a little girl otter who is having problems, and in helping her, Digby goes from strength to strength. The illustrations are wonderful. Look for the school coat hooks with a tiny one close to the floor for Maxwell mouse and an upside down one for Luther bat. Meticulous in detail, full of warmth and emotion, the book rings with humour and sensitivity. Wonderful!
Age: 4+