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My New School ISBN: 9780750262842
Fairclough, Chris and Powell, Jillian
Published by Wayland, 2011
Aryan is beginning reception class, and he feels a little worried when mum says goodbye. But an older boy, Karan, is his school buddy and shows him where everything is. We then get all the details of Aryan's day - his teacher taking the register, having a story, attending assembly, playing and painting, snack and play time, reading and writing with word games, lunch, circle time (with a tortoise called Timmy), and, finally going home. Good large print and photographs show us in detail a beautifully equipped, multi-racial class full of children enjoying themselves. A great preparation for reception-aged children. There is a glossary, a list of books and websites, and some 'Things to do' that could help children cope with early days in school.
Age: 4