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Hudson Hates School ISBN: 9781847803757
Hudson, Ella
Published by Frances Lincoln, 2012
Jerome has a good reason for hating school. He has dyslexia, but no one has twigged that this is the case. The other children are unkind and laugh at him. His spelling is particularly bad, and when, after a spelling test, he leaves school crying, his teacher finally calls in expert help. Jerome rebels when Mr Shapland says he will give him some tests. NO MORE TESTS! he shouts. But these tests are different, and he finds he actually enjoys them. He is also very pleased when Mr Shapland says that Jerome has dyslexia and that he is not stupid. He explains how Jerome's brain works in a different way, and once Jerome goes for part of the time into a special class with others with dyslexia, he makes progress and begins to 'quite like' school. The illustrations in this picture book are super - quirky and redolent of Jerome's creative talents. There are pug dogs and lizards everywhere, for what reason I'm not sure, but they add to the fun!
Age: 6+