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Mondays at monster school ISBN: 9781842551264
Reeve, Rosie and Symes, Ruth Louise
Published by Orion, 2005
Fred is very excited at the prospect of going to monster school like his older brother and sisters - until the Monday he's supposed to go actually arrives. Then he isn't so sure. Mummy monster encourages him by promises of mud splashing and howling and growling, both of which Fred loves. But... It's only when he discovers that his friend Ted doesn't want to go to school either that the two of them decide to try it out. They love it. Not only is there mud splashing and howling and growling, but they also do slime painting anad stomping and stamping, and at the end of the day there's a story about 'a yucky prince and a nice monster'. Bliss! Will appeal to lovable, cuddly little monsters everywhere.
Age: 4+