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Tom and Sofia start school ISBN: 9781844445769
Barkow, Henriette and Lamont, Priscilla
Published by Mantra Lingua, 2006
This dual language book in both English and Polish is available in 25 other languages as well. The great strength of the book is that we follow two children who are beginning school - Tom, who is a bit reluctant, and Sofia, who can hardly wait! In alternate pages, we see Tom and Sofia getting ready. Tom is worried that his Ted doesn't want to go to school; Sofia just wishes sister Anna would hurry up. The two children are friends living in the same block of flats, and we see them through their first day, making new friends and - even Tom (and Ted)- enjoying themselves. Lots of lovely detail in the pictures: look for the first time Tom removes Ted from his pocket and we know he's feeling safe. Further information on other dual language editions from
Age: 4+