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Who will go to school today? ISBN: 9780735816220
Monnier, Miriam and Ruhmann, Karl
Published by North-South (Michael Neugebauer), 2002
One morning Sam decides he doesn't really want to go to school. He'd like to stay home with his toys. So he develops a cunning plan: he will dress his toy monkey Timbo up in his school clothes, and with a little training from Sam, mum won't notice! Yes, well... When he explains the school day to Timbo and talks about his friends and all the fun Timbo will have with them, it begins to dawn on Sam that he is going to miss out. But he doesn't want Timbo to miss the fun too. The perfect answer is that they both must go to school. A charming story, full of warm colours and the special relationship between a little boy and his favourite toy.
Age: 4+