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Little Rabbit goes to school ISBN: 9780140568943
Horse, Harry
Published by Puffin, 2005
It is Little Rabbit's first day at school and he is terribly pleased. But he insists on taking along Charlie Horse, his favourite toy. All day long things go wrong for Little Rabbit - all because of Charlie Horse. It is, of course, Little Rabbit who sprays cake mix over the class when he throws Charlie into the mixing bowl; and it is Little Rabbit who eats his lunch on the way to school, though he blames Charlie. Little Rabbit refuses to share Charlie until two new friends offer him some of their lunch, and he begins to learn about the importance of friends. After getting lost on the nature walk, Little Rabbit decides perhaps it would be best to leave Charlie at home - a decision with which his mum heartily agrees. The illustrations are superb, rather old-fashioned and full of minute detail. The creamy paper adds to the delicate warmth. Little Rabbit is a most determined young lad who will need a firm hand in school, but who will learn quickly.
Age: 3+