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The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! ISBN: 9781406389012
Willems, Mo
Published by Walker Books, 2019
Clever doesn't begin to describe this book! The pigeon starts by telling us NOT to read the book, but by the next page, it is too late, and off he goes telling us all the things about school that he doesn't like: like the fact that he already knows everything, the fact that he's no good in the mornings, that there's far too much 'stuff' to learn, like maths and the alphabet, reading, having to carry a heavy bag around, what about lunch, etc. In fact, he's really scared, and he admits this in a two-page spread where we see a pigeon in a large blank space, who turns into a very small pigeon in another blank space. When he tells us that there should be a place to practice all those skills he's going to need: 'Experts to help you. And books. And classrooms. And other birds to work and play with. Maybe a playground', he (and we) realise he's talking about a school, and the fact that he will be allowed to go to school on a big yellow bus is the icing on the cake. Wonderfully funny as well as full of all the things kids sometimes dread about school, this should allay lots of fears and have children laughing out loud at the pigeon's antics. Super!
Age: 4+