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First day ISBN: 9781864481037
Gamble, Kim and Wild, Margaret
Published by Allen & Unwin, 1998
Six children going to their first day at school give us glimpses as to their individual personalities and how they feel about going to school. Salma makes herself a huge sandwich; Khalil ties up his shoelaces - he's good at that and proud of it; Jun likes to count; Stephen is worried because his sister has been teasing him; Penny is hyperactive and Alex is excited. Alex's mum is starting back to school too - at 30 - and she is a little concerned that she is too old. We see the children meeting their teacher, making friends, and sharing activities, and by the end of the day everyone has settled nicely - even Alex's mum. The super soft-focus illustrations add a great deal to a book with a unique approach, which will be as reassuring to mums as to children.
Age: 4+