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A Big Day for Migs! ISBN: 9781783441648
Hodgkinson, Jo
Published by Andersen Press, 2015
Migs, a small mouse, really isn't sure about going to school. Mum says it will be 'fantastic fun', but he has to fight off the tears when she hugs him goodbye. In the classroom, all the other little animals seem to be confident, while Migs can only squeak. Everyone is having such a good time, but Migs hides behind the dressing-up box and wishes he weren't shy. Then he finds what he thinks will be the perfect solution. He dresses up in a hat and boots and a cloak and becomes 'Mighty Migs - a transformation that leads to trouble! He becomes so cocksure that he spoils everyone else's fun: 'I'm Mighty Migs and I declare I'm as strong as any bear! I'm not a shy mouse any more! I'm like a lion, hear me roar!' Oh dear! Toys are scattered, the other small animals are horrified, and when he tears and spills water over the picture that Rokko (a rabbit) has been painting, Rokko cries and tells him to go away. Migs feels very bad and goes to hide himself in a box to have a little weep. But then he comes up with a splendid plan that helps Rokko feel better and becomes the beginning of a true friendship. I liked this story because it shows a child who tries to solve his shyness problem by becoming something he really isn't at all. Some children do become difficult at school because they are unsure of themselves, and this story could go a long way towards helping them understand that being who they really are is the best answer to being part of the group. The illustrations are bright and exciting, and the text, often integrated into the pictures, is full of rhyme and fun. A different and beguiling story.
Age: 4+