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Kochka and Adams, Sarah (Translator)The boy who ate stars10+
(ill.), Kai and Sunny and Higashida, NaokiThe Reason I Jump: one boy's voice from the silence of autism10+
Adams, SueA Book About What Autism Can be Like6+
Al-Ghani, Haitham and Al-Ghani, K.I.Learning About Friendship: Stories to Support Social Skills Training in Children with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism5+
Al-Ghani, Haitham and Al-Ghani, K.I.Super Shamlal – Learning and Living with Pathological Demand Avoidance4+
Al-Ghani, Haitham and Al-Ghani, K.I.The Green-Eyed Goblin - for all children including those on the Autism Spectrum (K.I. Al-Ghani children's colour story books)5+
Al-Ghani, Haitham and Al-Ghani, K.I.The Red Beast: Controlling Anger in Children with Asperger's Syndrome6+
Al-Ghani, Haitham, Al-Ghani, Kay and Beaney, JoyWinston Wallaby Can't Stop Bouncing: What to do about hyperactivity in children including those with ADHD, SPD and ASD5+
Allen, Frankie, Brooks, Felicity and Ferrero, MarAll about feelings4+
Apsley and Brukner, LaurenHow to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control!: Super Powers to Help Younger Children to Regulate their Emotions and Senses5+
Apsley and Brukner, LaurenThe Kids' Guide to Staying Awesome and in Control: Simple Stuff to Help Children Regulate Their Emotions and Senses7+
Armitage, David and Edwards, BeckyMy brother Sammy5+
Aspden, K.L. and Ra, ZitaHelp! I've Got an Alarm Bell Going Off in My Head!: How Panic, Anxiety and Stress Affect Your Body8+
Banks, Jane WhelenLiam Goes Poo in the Toilet: A Story About Trouble with Toilet Training (Liam Says) (Liam Books)3+
Banks, Jane WhelenLiam Knows What to Do When Kids Act Snitty: Coping When Friends are Tactless: Coping When Friends Are Tactless (Liam Says) (Liam Books)4+
Banks, Jane WhelenLiam Says Hi: Learning to Greet a Friend (Liam Says) (Liam Books)3+
Banks, Jane WhelenLiam Says Sorry: Repairing an Encounter Gone Sour (Liam Says) (Liam Books)4+
Banks, Jane WhelenLiam Wins the Game, Sometimes: A Story About Losing with Grace (Liam Says) (Liam Books)4+
Banks, Jane WhelenLovable Liam3+
Barraclough, SueI Know Someone with Autism (Young Explorer: Understanding Health Issues)7+
Barton, MichaelIt's Raining Cats and Dogs: An Autism Spectrum Guide to the Confusing World of Idioms, Metaphors and Everyday Expressions7+
Barton, Michael, Frizzell, Catherine and Rawlins, AbiIs It OK to Ask Questions about Autism?8+
Bates, Helen and Li, EllenA Girl Like Tilly: Growing up with Autism10+
Berns, J.M., Chara, Christian P., Chara, Kathleen A. and Chara, Paul J.Sensory Smarts: A Book for Kids Struggling with Sensory Integration10+
Bleach, FionaEverybody Is Different: A Book for Young People Who Have Brothers or Sisters with Autism10+
Brenner, Andrew, Guinness, Grainne Mc and Majumdar, SumitaPablo and the Noisy Party3+
Brownless, Elaine and Burns, Mai-AnnThe Autism Detective : Investigating What Autism Means to You8+
Brownson, Deborah and Mason, BenHe’s Not Naughty A Children’s Guide to Autism6+
Brunnstrom, Ase and Lindstrom, EmmaRobin and the White Rabbit: A Story to Help Children with Autism to Talk about their Feelings and Join In5+
Byrne, Beth and Harrison, Anne-marieBabies Are Noisy: A Book for Big Brothers and Sisters Including Those on the Autism Spectrum4+
Byrne, Mike and Davies, NicolaThe Dog that Saved Christmas6+
Carver, Beccy and Gorrod, LouiseMy brother is different4+
Chara, Karston J., Chara, Kathleen A., Chara, Paul J. and Litzinger, AngelaAllergy Busters: A Story for Children with Autism or Related Spectrum Disorders Struggling with Allergies9+
Choldenko, GenniferAl Capone does my shirts11+
Christie, Phil, Fidler, Ruth and Powell, JonathonCan I Tell You About Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome?7+
Coelho, Angela and Robertson, CamilleSometimes Noise is Big: Life with Autism5+
Coulter-Cruttenden, DawnBear Shaped5+
Cumberland, Debra L. and Mills, Bruce E.Siblings and Autism: Stories Spanning Generations and Cultures11+
Devine, Adele and Devine, QuentinIt's Raining and I'm Okay: A Calming Story to Help Children Relax When They Go Out and About3+
Dunbar, Polly and Ely, LesleyLooking after Louis6+
Dura-Vila, Gloria and Levi, TamarMy Autism Book: A Child's Guide to Their Autism Spectrum Diagnosis6+
Dura-Vila, Gloria and Tatternorth, RebeccaThe Panda on PDA : A Children's Introduction to Pathological Demand Avoidance6+
Elder, Jennifer and Thomas, MarcAutistic planet6+
Elder, Jennifer and Thomas, MarcDifferent like me: my book of autism heroes8+
Elley, Debbie, Houghton, Tori and Perry, J.C.The Ice-Cream Sundae Guide to Autism5+
Faherty, Catherine and Tucker, SandraAutism in My Family: A Journal for Siblings of Children with ASD8+
Farrer, Maria and Rieley, DanielMe and Mister P7+
Fujiwara, Hiroko, Miyamoto, Shinya and Ochiai, MidoriDifferent croaks for different folks6+
Gaines, Arlen Grad and Polsky, Meredith EnglanderI Have a Question About Cancer5+
Gaines, Arlen Grad and Polsky, Meredith EnglanderI Have a Question about Death: A Book for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Other Special Needs6+
Gaines, Arlen Grad and Polsky, Meredith EnglanderI Have a Question about Divorce: A Book for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Other Special Needs6+
Gallardo, Maria and Gallardo, MiguelMaria and Me: A father, a daughter (and Autism)10+
Gast, Christy, Krug, Jane and Laackman, KotoeCaring for myself5+
Gray, Carol, McAndrew, Sean and White, Abbie LeighMy Social Stories Book3+
Hartman, Davida and Suggs, Margaret AnneThe Growing Up Book for Boys: What Boys on the Autism Spectrum Need to Know!11+
Hartman, Davida and Suggs, Margaret AnneThe Growing Up Guide for Girls: What Girls on the Autism Spectrum Need to Know!9+
Helbert, KarlaFinding Your Own Way to Grieve: A Creative Activity Workbook for Kids and Teens on the Autism Spectrum6+
Hoopman, KathyAll cats have Asperger Syndrome10+
Jefferies, Rosie and Naish, SarahWilliam Wobbly and the Mysterious Holey Jumper: A story about fear and coping (Therapeutic Parenting Books)5+
Jeria, Ximena and Spilsbury, LouiseAutism5+
Johnson, Jane and Rensselaer, Anne VanSiblings: The Autism Spectrum Through Our Eyes9+
Keay, Claire and Thomas, PatI See Things Differently (A First Look at Autism))6+
Kemp, Gene(Seriously) weird10+
King, Rose and King, SharonThe Daily Journal of Arabella Crumblestone9+
Lennard-Brown, SarahAutism11+
Lewis, GillScarlet Ibis10+
Luchsinger, Dena Fox and Olson, JuliePlaying by the rules - a story about autism6+
Manasco, Hunter and Manasco, KatharineAn Exceptional Children's Guide to Touch: Teaching Social and Physical Boundaries to Kids4+
Martin, Ann M.Kristy and the secret of Susan10+
Matthews, Joan and Williams, JamesThe self-help guide for special kids and their parents10+
Mayfield, Dan and Merry, AlexJasper and the Magpie: Enjoying Special Interests Together6+
McNicoll, ElleA Kind of Spark10+
Merry, Alex, Morton, Clay and Morton, GailWhy Johnny Doesn't Flap: NT is OK!6+
Morpurgo, MichaelFlamingo Boy10+
O'Sullivan, NoreenI'll Tell You Why I Can't Wear Those Clothes!: Talking about Tactile Defensiveness4+
Powell, GillianThomas has Autism (Like Me, Like You)6+
Powell, Jonathon and Reynolds, Kate E.What's Happening to Ellie?: A book about puberty for girls and young women with autism and related conditions (Sexuality and Safety with Tom and Ellie)10+
Powell, Jonathon and Reynolds, Kate E.What's Happening to Tom?: A book about puberty for boys and young men with autism and related conditions (Sexuality and Safety with Tom and Ellie)10+
Robbins, RoseLoud!5+
Robbins, RoseMe and My Sister3+
Robbins, RoseTalking is Not My Thing4+
Roberts, Jon and Rounding, HannahThrough the Eyes of Us8+
Shaul, JoelThe Conversation Train UK: A Visual Approach to Conversation for Children on the Autism Spectrum6+
Shaw, JeanI'm Not Naughty - I'm Autistic: Jodi's Journey10+
Snedden, RobertAutism (Explaining)10+
Spencer, Bob and Stalker, AileenThe One and Only Sam: A Story Explaining Idioms for Children with Asperger Syndrome and Other Communication Difficulties5+
Spilsbury, LouiseWhat does it mean to have autism9+
Strid, Jakob MartinLittle Frog5+
Telford, Jane and Welton, JudeCan I Tell You about Autism?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals9+
Telford, Jane and Welton, JudeTomas Loves...: A Rhyming Book about Fun, Friendship - And Autism3+
Telford, Jane and Welton, JudeWhat Did You Say? What Do You Mean?: An Illustrated Guide to Understanding Metaphors8+
Telmo, Isabel Cottinelli and Vaz, FerdinandaPlay with me: including children with autism in mainstream primary schools6+
Thompson, MaryAndy and his yellow frisbee6+
Vickers, Laura and Wargelin, PeggyFlying to See Janet: A Fun Guide to the Airport Experience6+
Yoon, SalinaBe a Friend6+