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Different like me: my book of autism heroes ISBN: 9781843108153
Elder, Jennifer and Thomas, Marc
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2006
Quinn is 8 years old and autistic. He introduces us to himself and to the other people in this book. Each two-page spread gives us interesting information about a particular person who may or may not have been autistic, but who gained fame by some particular quality, at least in part due to autistic tendencies. There is also a full-page portrait of each person, drawn in life-like detail. Some of the 'heroes' are better known than others: Einstein, Andy Warhol, Kandinsky, Lewis Carroll, Isaac Newton, etc. But some of the lesser-known people are just as interesting: Benjamin Banneker, the 17th Century black American scientist, and Nikola Tesla, an inventor. Autistic children and their friends will find much to admire in these people and will learn that being different can have its positive points. Excellent for school libraries and for the home as well. Available from Amazon, from bookshops, or from the publisher at
Age: 8+