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I Know Someone with Autism (Young Explorer: Understanding Health Issues) ISBN: 9781406223477
Barraclough, Sue
Published by Raintree, 2012
One of a series of books about different health issues aimed at KS 1 and 2, the information in this book is clearly laid out, with large print and lots of colour photos. We learn what autism is, what causes it, and how to go about understanding people who have it. We also learn about the difficulties autistic people have with communication, with understanding feelings, with eye contact, with change of any sort, with bright lights or loud sounds, with change of routine, etc. Asperger's is mentioned and the fact that many people with autism can have special strengths and talents. People can be taught new skills, and with help and encouragement can get better. Some people never are able to talk, but can communicate through pictures or sign language. How to be a good friend to those with autism is covered, and we are told about some famous people who are autistic. All in all, this is an interesting book which covers the basics in easily understood terms, and as it has a glossary, an index, and a list of books and websites, it will be useful for project work, as well as for home.
Age: 7+