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Sometimes Noise is Big: Life with Autism ISBN: 9781785923739
Coelho, Angela and Robertson, Camille
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017
Aimed at neurotypical kids, this picture book explains in some detail the behaviour often seen in kids on the autistic spectrum. We follow autistic children through the book saying just what they do and why, so a picture of a boy in bed with light coming through the window says, 'Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, the light is really loud and it hurts my eyes.' Similarly, a girl who is eating, says, 'Sometimes my mouth doesn't like how food feels, even if it tastes really good.' Coming from autistic children themselves, the factual information makes good sense and will help classmates, siblings and many others understand things from a different viewpoint. The pictures, simple, colourful and explanatory also help the information along. Some of the things covered are: problems with itchy clothes, not looking people in the eye, needing time on one's own, the need to put things in order, and tapping or rocking. There are many others and also explanations about how neurotypical children can help by being understanding. Ms Coelho has written an accompanying book for parents and teachers, 'A guide to Sometimes Noise is Big for Parents and Educators', ISBN 978 1 785923746. Both books are available from Amazon, from good book shops, and from the publisher:
Age: 5+