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Winston Wallaby Can't Stop Bouncing: What to do about hyperactivity in children including those with ADHD, SPD and ASD ISBN: 9781785924033
Al-Ghani, Haitham, Al-Ghani, Kay and Beaney, Joy
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017
Winston has ADHD in spades! He really, really has to bounce, and when he starts school, there are all sorts of problems. He concentrates so hard on not bouncing that he doesn't always hear instructions, and he's always knocking into people and things. Mrs Calm, his very understanding teacher, does her best to help, and as she is knowledgeable about things that people with ADHD need in order to be able to concentrate and learn properly, she provides equipment and ideas that do indeed help. Sometimes the other little wallabies laugh at Winston, and this makes him sad, so Mrs Calm institutes some exercises that all the class can do that will help Winston as well, and this goes down extremely well. It takes some time before Winston settles into a routine, but with help and patience, he is able to begin learning: 'Winston Wallaby still bounced in the playground, He still bounced up the stairs,He still bounced on his bed sometimes, But now he bounced with care. He was a wonderful bouncer with energy to burn, But now he was a wallaby who could finally LEARN!' Not only will the fun poetry appeal, but the brightly-coloured, humorous pictures will attract too. Kids will love it and enjoy the exercises, and a long and very detailed section at the end will be very useful to parents and teachers dealing with hyperactive children. Not only is there a lengthy explanation of what it is and how it manifests biologically, psychologically, and within the senses, this section also gives lots of exercises and calming ideas, really practical things. Should be in any classroom with a hyperactive child - in any home with one as well! Available from Amazon, from good bookshops, and from the publisher:
Age: 5+