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My Social Stories Book ISBN: 9781853029509
Gray, Carol, McAndrew, Sean and White, Abbie Leigh
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2001
While intended mainly for autistic children, the clear, patient explanations of basic skills and situations could well be of use to any young child. The book is set out as a series of 150 'stories' divided into 'sets'. There are three sections: Taking Care of Me, Home, and Going Places. Each set of stories covers its subject in very simple sentences and in pictures. Sometimes there are blanks to fill in. The 'Taking Care of Me' section starts out with stories on using the toilet and washing hands and goes on to cutting hair and nails, having a bath, and going to bed - and lots of other processes. 'Home' includes unexpected noises like the telephone, doorbells, vacuum cleaners, thunder, etc., playing with friends, taking turns, new babies, divorce, etc. 'Going Places' covers things like shopping, the car wash, banks, libraries, gas stations (the book is American), zoos, beaches, school etc. There are concepts included too, such as 'what does it mean to be late?' and 'why do we wait in check-out lines?' The jolly black and white line drawings help bring reassurance to life skills and to situations children find themselves in. 'A Note to Parents and Professionals' gives the background for the stories and advice as to how they should be used. Available from Amazon or from the publisher at
Age: 3+