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Autism ISBN: 9781445156590
Jeria, Ximena and Spilsbury, Louise
Published by Franklin Watts, 2019
A nicely simple book for younger children (Key Stage 1) with ways of telling children about what their classmates or friends might do if they are on the autistic spectrum. Everyone is different from everyone else, and autistic children can display certain types of personality. Some find talking to others difficult; idiomatic phrases can be hard to understand (it's raining cats and dogs, for instance); facial expressions can be hard to read; some are uncomfortable with physical contact; bright lights and very loud noises can be difficult to cope with; routine can be important and changes difficult; hobbies may be all-important; being imaginative can be difficult, but children on the autistic spectrum are often good at maths or computing or learning facts about things; rules of games can be difficult too, and one may prefer to play by oneself. Autistic children may get upset easily when something goes wrong, but it helps if people are 'kind and calm'. All of this is expressed in easily understood language and with illustrations that are 'kind and calm' too, and 'we should be proud of the ways we are all the same and the ways we are all different' and 'focus on what we can do together'.
Age: 5+