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Loud! ISBN: 9781912650569
Robbins, Rose
Published by Scallywag Press, 2021
Abigail is not having a very good day in school. She's restless and keeps fiddling with her hair - and then her classmate's hair - and then says something rude and is sent to the calming down room. A kind lady there wants to talk to her, but she isn't having it. The next lesson is Music, and Abigail has never been to a music class before. She tries very hard to make something of the recorder or the drums or the guitar, but nothing seems to work for her, even with the encouragement of a nice teacher in a wheelchair, who isn't cross because Abigail is late to class. She finally gets so frustrated she screams as loud as she can, and when Miss Butler approaches in her chair, Abigail is sure she's going to be sent back to the calming down room. Not so. Miss Butler is convinced that Abigail has a wonderful loud voice, and that singing is the thing for her to excel in. She is so pleased by this idea that she voluntarily writes words for her own song, and together with the others in class, forms a pop group, a great success at the school talent show: 'Don't wanna be bad but I just get mad, wanna stand proud and I wanna be loud, wanna be cool- not play the fool. Can't you see? I just wanna be ME!' And so she is. This book from an author who is specialising in books about children on the autism spectrum, is particularly good because she has an autistic child herself and understands the needs of such extremely well.
Age: 5+