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Thomas has Autism (Like Me, Like You) ISBN: 9780237530334
Powell, Gillian
Published by Evans Brothers Ltd, 2006
Thomas tells us his story himself, and there is lots to learn about his life. He explains that he finds it hard to communicate and that he has some learning difficulties, but he also likes riding his bike and playing ball with his brother. Mum gives him cod liver oil and a good diet, and he goes to a school with a special unit, but in which he can join others his age for some subjects. He likes keeping things tidy and in a special place and he likes to know what is happening each day. At school he is learning to read and write and 'to add up numbers' with some special help, and he likes puzzles and sometimes sitting in a corner quietly. He gets speech therapy and special times in the sensory room at school too. After school he goes to Rainbow Club where he shares games, music and activities with other autistic children. The book includes information squares with facts about autism and there is a short glossary and a list of further information, including other books to read. Thomas goes a long way, using simple sentences and large print, to help us understand about autism.
Age: 6+